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Our Clients

Inspired to Make a Difference

You care deeply about community and want investments that reflect your values, mission, and sense of purpose in the world.

Our Clients

At Newground, we respect your values and support your desire to contribute to a larger purpose in the world. Mainstream brokers or financial advisors typically dismiss our deepest concerns and aspirations as if they were irrelevant to financial success, or they don't know where or how to begin incorporating them. 

We fully serve your interests by providing objective, knowledgeable, and independent financial counsel that is values-aligned and informed by our deep experience with responsible investing.


Our financial lives can be complex. Whether you’re just beginning to build your wealth, preparing to retire, or dealing with a change in life circumstance along the way, we stand ready to serve. 

Building for the Future

With many opportunities and choices – we can help you plan.


Preparing to enjoy the life you’ve planned.

Life Changes

Such as inheritance, sale of a business, divorce, or death of a loved one.


Whether you’re a foundation or endowment, faith-based entity, school, or operating non-profit, we manage investments in a way that allows you to spend more time realizing your organizational mission.

As legal fiduciaries, we support organizations and their boards in feeling confident in their roles as investment stewards. 

Family Foundations & Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

Customizable portfolio design with disciplined processes.

Faith-Based Institutions

Manage endowments and offer financial education and advice to stewardship councils and congregations.

Non-profit Organizations

Mission-aligned investment management and assistance with stock donations or bequests.

Our clients...

  • Support a range of social & environmental causes
  • Appreciate – and possess – a global perspective
  • Value shareholder engagement and advocacy
  • Strive to leave a positive legacy
  • Typically hold $1 million+ in investable assets

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