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Shareholder Engagement in Action

Chevron & its Ecuador Problem

Using shareowner rights to promote fairness, justice & resilience.

Chevron has ignored shareholder concerns about its liability for significant dumping of toxic oil waste in the Amazon region of Ecuador, dumping that has sickened tens of thousands of indigenous people and poisoned rivers and streams. 

Newground placed two shareholder proposals on Chevron’s 2020 proxy that call for common-sense governance reforms designed to make the company more accountable and responsive to investor concerns – as a means of bringing its Ecuador issues to resolution, and preventing future human rights and Superfund-type liabilities around the globe.

Three prominent public figures – Alec Baldwin, Jody Williams, and Roger Waters – volunteered to speak for these proposals on behalf of Newground at this year’s virtual-only shareholder meeting, in the form of these pre-recorded messages:

Alec Baldwin

Actor and Producer

Calling Chevron "the Harvey Weinstein of petroleum companies" Alec details why Chevron’s controversial RICO victory against human rights lawyer Steven Donziger does not protect it from liability.

Jody Williams

Nobel Peace Laureate (1997)

Joins 28 other Nobel Laureates to call on Chevron to address its pollution in Ecuador, commenting on the stark variance between company actions and its Chevron Way code of conduct. 

Roger Waters

Musician, co-founder Pink Floyd

Visited the Ecuadorian Amazon in 2018, observed firsthand the Chevron-Texaco waste pits which leach deadly chemicals into the local drinking water, and calls on Chevron to "do the right thing."

Nobel Laureates Statement

29 Nobel Prize Laureates challenge Chevron's action against attorney who defends Ecuadorian pollution victims.

Nobel | Download

shareholder proposal #9

The Special Meeting proposal discusses the risk of Ecuadorian liability and the need for greater shareholder voice.

Res #9 | Download

shareholder proposal #10

The Independent Chair proposal highlights how lack of independent oversight may be contributing to Ecuador crisis. 

Res #10 | Download

Press Release

Newground's announcement
of presenters and issues for
the 2020 Chevron annual
shareholder meeting. 

Press | Download

With special thanks to:

Leif Utne
Nick Gatti

for your consummate expertise
and for stepping up
when deadlines were close 

What makes Newground different?

NPR-KUOW feature on Newground: 

"Getting McDonald's to the Table"

A sophisticated ESG* approach that emphasizes shareholder engagement.

Nationally recognized for our unique brand of responsible impact investing, Newground appreciates and supports a client’s values – as expressed through selective ESG portfolio management, community investment, and shareholder engagement.

ESG Portfolio Management seeks companies with responsible environmental, social, and governance practices, while avoiding companies whose questionable practices create material portfolio risk.

Community Investment changes lives on the ground by providing necessary capital and banking services to people and communities who are routinely underserved, if not excluded.

Shareholder Engagement, which few advisors do, uses active shareholder ownership to call on companies to embrace transparency, equity, and inclusion – which transforms corporate behavior over time.

* ESG = Environmental, Social & Governance strategies