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Susan Sarandon Challenges Chevron Thumbnail

Susan Sarandon Challenges Chevron

"Susan Sarandon Challenges Chevron" addresses two shareholder proposals up for a vote at the oil giant that address Climate Change, Rainforest Destruction in Ecuador, and the Company's support of a Genocidal Military Government in Myanmar.

The “Independent Chair” proposal calls for separating the roles of CEO and Board Chair, and seeks accountability, objectivity, and judgement from the Company and Board of Directors.

The “Special Meetings” proposal seeks to reduce the threshold for shareholders to be able to call their own meeting from 15% down to 10% – meetings where shareholders, not management, set the agenda and control the conversation.

These measures are needed because Chevron's management has harmed shareholder value through mishandling its response to Climate Change, and the $9.5 billion liability incurred for polluting the Amazonian rainforest of Ecuador.

The shareholder proposals will be presented on behalf of Newground Social Investment by (A) a global group of young leaders from the Economy of Francesco, and (B) exiled Burmese human rights advocate Khin Ohmar.

Susan Sarandon
Bryan Gibbs | Office of Susan Sarandon

Produced & Edited by Leif Utne.
Audio & Video courtesy of Susan Sarandon.

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