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Scottie Thompson Appeals to Chevron Shareholders Thumbnail

Scottie Thompson Appeals to Chevron Shareholders

Actor / Activist Scottie Thompson urges Chevron shareholders to vote FOR a proposal that will benefit shareholders, help indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, and curb climate change pollution.

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FULL TRANSCRIPT of Scottie's video message to Chevron stockholders

Hi, I’m Scottie Thompson and I’m speaking for Newground Social Investment on behalf of resolution #12 – the Independent Board Chair Proposal.  

Chevron needs an independent board chair, and I urge you to vote FOR Proposal #12 on this year’s proxy.  

This Proposal was brought forth by Newground and Green Century Capital Management because of concerns about Chevron’s failure to act responsibly in regard to the harm that its operations have caused in communities around the world – including 16 billion gallons of toxic oil waste deliberately discharged over thirty years in Ecuador. This waste has led to thousands of cancers, and birth defects, and other illnesses in Indigenous communities, as well as laid waste to over 3,000 square kilometers of the Amazon rainforest – an area that is critical to the health of our planet.  

Since Chevron was levied a $9.5 billion judgment by the Ecuadorian supreme court, its Management has distracted from these wrongdoings by attacking the Ecuadorian lawyers and their plaintiffs. And the Company’s unwillingness to take responsibility has led to repeated criticisms from some of the world’s largest environmental and human rights groups, as well as 68 Nobel Laureates, and numerous members of Congress.  

And Ecuador is only one example. An authoritative report entitled Chevron’s Global Destruction assessed public records, court documents, and government statements to find that the Company had annihilated critical biodiversity habitat, all while accruing over $50 billion dollars in legal judgments and settlement liabilities globally.  

In addition, the U.S. government has launched 8 separate investigations against Chevron for bribing foreign officials, and has already ordered that fines be paid in nearly half of these cases. Management's unwillingness to address issues like this has led to mounting legal and financial burdens on the Company – and with each passing year these liabilities grow.  

It is clear that the roles of CEO and Board Chair need to be separated in order to bring in critically needed oversight to the Company.  

Therefore, please join me in voting FOR proposal #12.  

Thank you.

Note:  This material is intended for educational purposes only.  As with all our public writing, blog posts do not constitute tax or financial planning advice; likewise, they are neither an offer to sell nor solicitation to buy any investment or security.