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Rooted NW: A 21st Century Back-to-the-land Community Thumbnail

Rooted NW: A 21st Century Back-to-the-land Community

We've come a long way since the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s.  In August, a group of Newground staff and friends attended a beautiful farm-to-table dinner at Rooted Northwest—an inspiring project launched by some Newground clients, that aims to build a multigenerational co-housing community alongside a collective of regenerative agriculture enterprises on 240 acres of farmland in the Cascade foothills east of Arlington, Washington.  They call it an "agrivillage."

After touring the land and sipping blackberry shrub cocktails, the 50 guests enjoyed a delicious multi-course dinner crafted by chef Kerri Cacciata featuring produce and herbs from Rooted Northwest's own Reconnecting Roots and River Raven Herbs farms.  This was the first farm-to-table dinner hosted by Rooted Northwest Farms.  Proceeds from this event went to supporting shared farming essentials like irrigation and tractor maintenance.

Visit the Rooted Northwest website to sign up for their December 13th virtual information session and learn more about their inspiring vision for a healthy, sustainable community embedded in a thriving rural economy that is truly rooted to the land.

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