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Reflections of the River: An Evening With Tom Skerritt Thumbnail

Reflections of the River: An Evening With Tom Skerritt

Many of us enjoyed the film and book A River Runs Through It, starring Brad Pitt and noted Seattle actor Tom Skerritt.  Tom so loved his experience filming on the Gallatin and Yellowstone rivers in Montana that now, 30 years later, he has created a documentary, titled Reflections of the River, about the critical need to protect all our nation’s river systems.

As Brian Ladd wrote in a recent profile of Skerritt in Mountain Outlaw Magazine:

“Filming A River Runs Through It was a transformative experience,” he posted on Twitter this year for the film’s 30th anniversary. “The beauty of the Gallatin River has remained with me all these years. But now, due to industrialization, it’s under threat.” 

Late in his life now, Skerritt sees rivers as a force that can illuminate our interconnectedness. Decades after playing the role of Reverand Maclean, he says now more than ever he understands Maclean’s famous words: “Eventually, all things merge into one and a river runs through it.”

On November 9 at Seattle's Rainier Club, a group of Newground staff and friends had the good fortune to attend a sneak preview of this new documentary, followed by a Q&A with Mr. Skerritt and Julie Tokashiki-Skerritt – the CEO of Skerritt's production company, Triple Squirrel, which is raising funds to support the film's distribution. 

As-of this writing, an official release date has not been announced.

WATCH: A teaser for the film.

DONATE: To support the film's distribution.

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