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Lucy Lawless Appeals to Chevron Shareholders Thumbnail

Lucy Lawless Appeals to Chevron Shareholders

Lucy Lawless visited Ecuador to witness first-hand Chevron's pollution there, and to meet the affected people.  

In this video, Lucy urges Chevron stockholders to vote FOR Proposal #10 – because it will help indigenous people in the Amazonian rainforest of Ecuador, clean up devastating pollution, and prevent future human rights abuses. 

. . . More videos like this one:  https://www.vimeo.com/NewgroundSRI/videos

FULL TRANSCRIPT of Lucy's video message to Chevron stockholders: 

Good morning, 

My name is Lucy Lawless.  I stand on behalf of Newground Social Investment to move Proposal #10, a good governance measure that speaks for a majority of non-insider investors who care about the harm befalling communities where Chevron operates.

It is far past time for shareowners to address looming issues that the Board and management have not faced head-on, instead spending billions on legal maneuvers and retaliation to try to silence affected communities and their advocates.

These tactics have brought the company to a pivotal point, where the U.S. House Oversight Committee is now investigating, and a new report details that legal filings against the company from 31 countries amount to $50.5 billion in judgments and seizure claims globally.

A cloud of false testimony and illegal payments by Chevron – and the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention's condemnation of Chevron's treatment of human rights attorney Steven Donziger – all point to an urgent need to pass Proposal #10.

I speak from first-hand knowledge.  Last year I traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon to witness Chevron's contamination and to meet the affected people.

I did NOT find a cabal of “criminal masterminds” bent on defrauding a giant corporation but, instead, children with leukemia and skin disorders; women suffering from uterine and stomach cancers causing spontaneous miscarriages; and men with a range of terminal illnesses who can no longer fish for their family's food.  

They're truly innocents being destroyed by a corporate behemoth.

Chevron must stop hiding behind overpaid lawyers and take responsibility for its actions.  Its investors and stakeholders would be best served by a new path forward.  

The 10% threshold this proposal requests is common among the S&P 500 and it is the preferred threshold of the ISS.

Therefore, please vote FOR proposal #10.

Thank you.