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Social Investment

We specialize in comprehensive, values-aligned money management and financial planning for individuals and institutions. 

Welcome to Newground

Serving clients nationwide, Newground is known for our pioneering brand of sustainable impact investing that emphasizes shareholder engagement. 

NPR-KUOW Spotlight on Newground

What makes Newground notable?

NPR-KUOW feature on Newground: 

"Getting McDonald's to the Table"

A sophisticated ESG* approach that emphasizes shareholder engagement.

Nationally recognized for our unique brand of responsible impact investing, Newground appreciates and supports a client’s values – as expressed through selective ESG portfolio management, community investment, and shareholder engagement.

ESG Portfolio Management seeks companies with responsible environmental, social, and governance practices, while avoiding companies whose questionable practices create material portfolio risk.

Community Investment changes lives on the ground by providing necessary capital and banking services to people and communities who are routinely underserved, if not excluded.

Shareholder Engagement, which few advisors do, uses active shareholder ownership to call on companies to embrace transparency, equity, and inclusion – which transforms corporate behavior over time.

* ESG = Environmental, Social & Governance strategies